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  • AsianNetwork

    Network started with broadband service with the state of Media & Multimedia . In the course of time it’s R & D team has developed and introduced many new technologies to meet the requirement of new millennium. In the last 1 years Asian Network has introduced many new ideas and technologies to the internet industry. Asian Network Internet provides a free service to their clients and that is the FTP & You Tube Server from which Asian Network Internet users will now on receive free downloads on latest Bangla/English/Hindi Movies, Games, Anime, Cartoons, Software etc. Multiplayer Gaming, Chatting with other gamers on Asian Network.!

  • Your Package

    The Surfer Lite is perfect for individuals who are not too keen on speed but highly dependent on data. This is perfect for individuals who can live who prefers moderation!

  • Movie Server

    The Movie Streamer package features no data limit and within your budget. This package is perfect for individuals who are movie/series enthusiasts and not ready to miss their weekly shows and release dates!

  • Game Server

    The Gamer's Package as entailed by the name is the perfect package for any gamer. This package is perfect for individuals who want a cost effective way of eliminating LAG, while gaming online, once and for all!

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Internet Service

Super Fast Internet Service.

Local Internet Service

Cable Internet. Cable providers, like Xfinity and Time Warner Cable, provide their customers with high-speed cable internet, also known as broadband internet.
Fiber Optic Internet.
Satellite Internet.
Cheap Internet Services..

Corporate Internet Service

International organisations rely increasingly on the Internet as a primary business channel.International’s Corporate Internet services are designed to meet the exacting needs of corporate Internet usage. As well as providing essential Internet connectivity over our own high-performance networks, Corporate Internet delivers key additional business services, from DNS registration to mail and back-up services.

Reseller Internet Service

Becoming an Internet Service Provider reseller, also known as a Virtual ISP, has many benefits. ISP resellers buy Internet service from wholesale ISPs. Since they use the infrastructure provided by established ISP networks, ISP resellers don't have to purchase or maintain any equipment to provide Internet service to their customers.


Super Fast Internet Support.

Customer Care & Support

We are here to support you - 24x7! Any problems at all, drop us an
e-mail or give us a call and we are right here for you!

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    General Support

    We have our very own call center just to tend to your needs. For any internet connectivity issues you experience or any sort of queries, feel free to call us at our dedicated Hotline – 09614500419.

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    Billing Support

    We know how important continuous connectivity is to you, so we always strive to provide you immediate support in case of any billing related issue.

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    Technical Support

    Need to reset your router or modem? Or change your Self-Care password? Any other technical issues? Our technicians are always ready to serve.

Pay Balling

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Payment at bKash through own bKash Wallet phone,01676241922


Payment at rocket through own rocket Wallet phone


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Pay at any of the following Asian offices by cash


As a best ISP company, we are serving with great transmission partners. Trustable name behind the service we serve best things in the country.





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